gantt_smallSi2 was established in 1993 to provide professional project management services to clients in planning and implementing ICT Projects.

ICT Projects are by their very nature complex undertakings requiring business transformation with high inherent degree of risk. Those that are well planned and managed have a greater chance of delivering the benefits in the business case. Industry statistics shows that: Over 30% of projects will be cancelled before they are completed and a further 53% will cost almost twice their original estimates and fail to achieve many of the original business objectives. These outcomes are avoidable and none of the failures were inevitable.

This is where Si2 can assist with its successful history of assisting clients in achieving business objectives through the professional management of complex ICT projects involving ERP, outsourcing transition, CRM, financial systems and infrastructure projects in Australia and throughout the Asia Pacific region.


All assignments are carried out under strict confidentiality as most of the work undertaken is of a sensitive nature. Many of the assignments undertaken have been associated with high exposure projects where publicity is undesirable.


References can be provided, but in view of the sensitive nature of the work undertaken to date, they can only be provided as required and specific to the assignment under consideration.