Si2’s services are flexible to meet the client’s needs and extend from short term consulting to total project management responsibility. Si2 will accept a risk sharing position where appropriate.

Over the years Si2 has established an infrastructure of methodologies, systems and tools which together with its experienced personnel can provide a complete cost effective service to assist clients with the governance and management of ICT projects. This includes:

  • Business Benefits Quantification
  • Project Definition an Risk Minimisation
  • Planning and Cost/Schedule Estimating
  • Investment Decision Analysis (go, no go decision)
  • Cost/Schedule Control
  • Complete Program Office Infrastructure and Services
  • Projects Assurance through Health Checks and Audits
  • Project Viability Reviews
  • Verification of Business Benefits Realisation

In particular Si2 can provide Project Sponsors, before project commencement, with an objective assessment of the risks and viability of project plans and during implementation accurate and unbiased information on progress. Si2 processes are compliant with regulatory requirements such as the ASX and Sarbanes-Oxley Act in relation to financial reporting..