Project Sponsor Coaching

Project Sponsors are often thrown into the deep end of a new job which demands significantly increased responsibilities and specialist expertise in the hope that they will be able to make the most out of it and survive. Some do but based on industry statistics many find the experience unpleasant and career limiting. There is however a better way.

The responsibility of any Project Sponsor heading a strategically business critical project, is to ensure its success in terms of achieving the desired business benefits and making a positive contribution to the business. This will require an understanding of project management processes and making many difficult and varied decisions from human resources, business requirements, software functionality and customisation, technology platforms, contractual issues etc. Si2’s experienced personnel can provide the Project Sponsor with personalised specialist advice on what are the project’s critical success factors, how they should be managed to ensure success and the associated challenges of business transformation.

Project Sponsors can maximise the probability of success by leveraging Si2’s years of experience and proven track record in assisting Senior Executives and Project Sponsors with complex and difficult projects and providing unbiased and objective advice on project issues.